Monadnock Firewood is now part of Tree Sawyer.  If you have purchased cordwood from Monadnock Firewood in the past we thank you and look forward to providing you with high quality firewood for many years to come.  The most common measurement used when buying firewood is the cord.  How much wood is this?   It has changed a bit over the decades but most often a cord of wood would stack up 8 feet wide and 4 feet high with a depth of 4 feet.  This will equal 128 cubic feet of space.  When piled loosely in the delivery truck the acceptable measurement is 180 cubic feet.  We have measured our delivery trucks to insure you receive full cords every time!  There are many variables offered now, so please take a couple minutes to read though this section to make your best selection:

Seasoned Wood

Our seasoned wood is ready to burn immediately.  Most of our customers choose this option.  Our wood selection is typically a mixture of hardwoods including oak, cherry, maple, beech, ash and birch.  The wood is cut and split at 16” length so that you may stack 3 rows tightly into 4 feet.  This size accommodates most homeowners.

Firewood Pricing (When available. Inventories and prices subject to change.)

Seasoned Cordwood 1 – 4 cords $400/cd
Semi-Seasoned Cordwood 1 – 4 cords $375/cd
Green Cordwood 1 – 4 cords $350/cd



We are based in Rindge, NH.  Delivery is free within a 15 minute drive from our location. An additional charge will apply for longer distances.